If you love pizzas as much as we do, then there is one place that HAS to be on your list to try – Crave London.

They serve freshly made US style pizzas with quality ingredients. The stand out pizzas have to be the Detroit style pizzas. Out of all the pizzas we have eaten (and we have eaten a LOT), these really were very different in terms of how they looked and tasted.
We ordered the following:
• Chick mango Detroit style
• Burger town Detroit style
• Tandoori fusion
Mix of flavours for wings/boneless chicken
• Bbq
• Buffalo
• Honey garlic
• Mango habanero
• Wedges

Their signature pizzas were recommended to us and I’m so glad to have tried them as they tasted divineeeeee! The Chick mango pizza was topped with mango habanero chicken, pineapple and drizzled with a mango habanero sauce, I’m salivating whilst writing this as that’s how scrumptious it was! The Burger town was like eating a burger in a pizza form! The flavours for the wings and boneless chicken were all amazing, honey garlic was definitely my favourite. I’m not too keen on boneless chicken but the wings were finger-lickingly tasty! The evening we received our meal, Hubby was talking to his friend on the phone and randomly told him to try their pizzas and the next day, Hubby mentioned how he is craving their pizzas again😂 but seriously, that’s how good their Detroit style pizzas were and their wings!

They currently have a ‘buy 1, get 1 free pizza’, so it’s the perfect chance for you to try them out! I love the fact that their pizzas are so different to the usual ones. Will definitely be ordering more! Absolutely LOVEEEEEED the Detroit pizzas and wings😋😋😋😋😋

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