📍Star City, Watson Rd, Birmingham,
B7 5SA


🍣 Beef Sushi – Beef fillet, sushi rice, smashed avocado + walnuts. It said fried potato + soy sauce garnish on the menu but I swear it was fried garlic (completely inedible + a choking hazard).


🍴Etci Special Burger – 2 beef patties, American cheese, asada beef, onion rings, lettuce, tomato + caramelised onion served in a sesame brioche bun + lukewarm skin on fries (ew). the asada beef inside the burger was really good, creamy texture the rest of the burger was not appetising at all.

🍴Fillet Mignon – asked for medium rare and ended up just medium 🥺 was really looking forward to this as I hadn’t had a rare steak in a while but sadly the whole experience was underwhelming. couldn’t be bothered to send it back as i didn’t expect to be any better. The mushroom sauce was watery AF, the mash tasted instant, even the corn was a let down it looked like it would be crunchy but it was actually soft which made no sense the garlicky tender stem made up for it.


🥄 Turkish Baklava – this was good but again expected it to be nicer (fresher / served warm at least). the ice cream inside was too much for my sensitive teeth, should’ve asked to leave that out but that’s my own fault

All in all, Etci for me was a BIG let down. We went early in the day as we didn’t want the fire faff playing with food, dance and being fed 🙄. Still had a bit of unexpected fire for the sushi starter but bearable. I had heard good things about Etci so maybe we ordered the wrong things but nothing that day would make me want to go back.

Service wasn’t bad, equally nothing stood out but I have to say the Prayer Room facility here is beautiful, grey luxury carpets + separate wudhu area 🤍#rayniedinesdaily


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