Can’t believe I’m saying this but I personally haven’t had taco’s before, so I was very excited to dig in to an Imas’s Café special… The Birria Taco! This consisted of shredded pulled beef, stuffed with cheese and a serving of the Birria Stew. I squeezed some lime onto the taco, generously dipped it into the Birria stew and took a bite. I was instantly taken aback by how delicious it tasted. I was amazed! The beef was so soft and succulent, the cheese allowed it to melt in my mouth, the favours complimented each other so well, the squeeze of lime gave it that bit of tanginess which I thoroughly enjoyed. Ofcourse I wouldn’t be Bengali if I didn’t enjoy a bit of spice, so the Birria stew definitely provided that. It was such a pleasurable snack, every bite was consistent, full of flavour, and so juicy! So I would definitely have some napkins on standby! Got a little bit messy, but i always say messy foods are always the best foods! I could’ve finished the whole portion by myself but unfortunately I had to share with the rest of the team, so I can’t wait to make another order again!

Imas Cafe
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