Located in the heart of East London, Green street. A small fast food joint offering great burgers, pizzas and shakes, Khans Burgers have been running for a while now serving the local community with great food.

What we really liked about their food was their distinct flavours and freshness of the ingredients they use. Really makes the burgers and pizzas taste great!

Monster Munch – Salaam eats recommendation

This burger wow! really sets it apart from other fast food joints in east london. Layered with fresh gourmet buns, cucumber, lettuce 1/4 pounder patty, donner kebab, cheese and algerian spicy sauce. You would think there’s so much going on but the way it melts inside your mouth is very pleasing. We recommend having it with the Garlic sauce – very GDK like.


They use high quality kebab which gives great texture to their kebabs, what we liked about it is that the meat isn’t heavy and seasoned very nicely. Its almost like asian turkish kebab! must try


Wings come in various flavours – naga, buffalo, cheesy…. you name it they have it. We especially loved the naga wings, not as spicy as it sounds and nice and creamy

Khans Burgers are running 25% promotion directly at www.khansburgers.com



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