Located in the heart of Istanbul – Grand bazaar. We had the opportunity to visit world renowned “Nusr-Et” owned by the social media sensation “Salt Bae”.

We was excited for this so it was only right we went all in. We ordered a 3 course meal which included Steak, Shrimps and Baklava.

Shrimps – These were lovely. They were huge, seasoned perfectly and very flavoursome

Steak and Mash – I really enjoyed the meal even though I did think that it was slightly over hyped. The steak was cooked and seasoned well but I wouldn’t go out of my way to come here again for a Steak.

Baklava – After the entertainment of the baklava being tossed around, it was the perfect desert to end on. Filled with Turkish gelato ice cream this was a premium baklava experience!




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