Located in the heart of Bethnal Green Phat 4 Life is a great spot if you’re in East London looking for some great food. Their kitchen is based is within a shop called ‘Arches Café and Restaurant’, just in case you get a little bit confused when you arrive. They are a cash only establishment, so make sure you are prepared beforehand, there are ATM’s on the main road which aren’t too far away. Another thing to note is they don’t give out cutlery due to complaints about customers littering, so either bring some with you or revive the Sunnah and eat with your hands – the proper way!

Creamy Naga Meal –

The first meal I had was the Creamy Naga Wings with Chips, literally it is what it’s called, layered in a flavoursome creamy sauce which has a garlic-mayo type vibe to it with a strong Naga kick, it works perfectly well together. The wing itself was succulent and juicy. By far one of the best wings I’ve had for a while, but the sauce is what makes it top tier! Along with it comes fat fries, which are my favourite type of chips, soft on the outside and the potato is mushy on the inside, perfect balance to make the spice die down a bit, but if you love your Naga, dip the fries in the sauce and it does wonders!

Masala Doner Meal –

Before I went I was told that ‘Phat for Life’ is the king of Naga, and I was not disappointed. That first mouthful of Doner was absolutely amazing, a great burst of flavours. The Doner wasn’t rubbery as you find in some places, it was very tender and juicy and again the Creamy Naga sauce just made it hit different levels. Sometimes I find when food is too spicy it ruins the food, but here they made it spicy enough to feel the heat, and addictive at the same time!

Mango Naga Wings-

The Mango Naga Wings were good, I didn’t know what to expect from this as I’d never really had this flavour before, these wings had a Rubicon Mango sort of vibe, but it definitely worked, and of course it wouldn’t be ‘Phat for life’ without your dose of Naga. A decent option on the side.

Naga Prawns-

These Naga prawns were heavenly! Smothered in that Creamy Naga sauce, these were just too good, they melt in your mouth like butter, prawns can get a bit boring sometimes but never had anything like this elsewhere, honestly it’s a must have. You won’t be disappointed!

Phat 4 Life
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