First night in Dubai, we hit up Prime68, which is a steakhouse on the 68th floor of the JW Marriott Marquis Hotel, looking out at the skyline of Dubai, the perfect spot for a special occasion!

Mains – Dry Aged Tomahawk AA9+ Wagyu Steak

I love a nice steak, I’ve been to many steakhouses but this was hands down the best I’ve been to. It took about 40/50 mins to come but it was worth every minute of the wait. The steak cuts effortlessly, and melts in your mouth, the bits of fat around the edges were absolutely heavenly! A lot of steakhouses you go to I find they always slightly overcook the steak, but here it was made to perfection! It was so good we had to go back for seconds! No doubt this was 10/10. I don’t think I can have steak anywhere else again and enjoy it, like I did here.

Sides –

Truffle Fries – The truffle fries definitely hit the spot, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside just like you want it, and I feel like you can add truffle to anything and your taste buds start dancing. 8/10

Sweet Potato Fries – Can’t go wrong with this, just as you’d expect after having the steak and fries, this follows suit. 7/10

Desert –

Baked Chocolate Ganache – I’m not the biggest fan of dark chocolate but If you love it, this is for you, although it was a bit hard to break, you can taste the richness of the chocolate, have it with the ice cream to balance the flavours, amazing! Having said that it is quite big after a fat munch so struggled to finish all of it. 7/10

New York Cheesecake – The second time we went, i got the New York Cheesecake, and it was the best decision I made, just thinking of it now is making my mouth salivate! The spoon slices through it like butter and the consistency of the cheesecake was absolutely spot on, dressed in a passionfruit juice it elevated the taste to a whole new level, the sweetness of it complimented the cheesecake effortlessly! Definitely a 10/10 for me.


Prime 68
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