I’m a wings fanatic, I LOVE wings! Whenever we go out to eat (prelockdown), if wings are on the menu, I have to order them as starters, love, LOVE wings, so when I opened up the food package from TMP, it was so enticing and smelt incredible, it took everything in me to not eat a wing immediately. We received the following:
– Wagyu Burger
– Hawaiian Plug
– Dynamo wings
– Lebo wings
– Buffalo wings
– Naga wings
– Mighty box
– Curly fries
– Tiramisu dessert

Firstly, I have to state how impressed I was that all the wings were all jam packed with flavours but what I loved most was that each flavour on it was completely different. Each combination worked extremely well. The buffalo wings had the usual tangy flavour with a kick. The dynamo wings had more of an intense flavour than the buffalo, they were creamy, also slightly tangy and spicy. The naga wings were so fragrant and pungent, the aroma of naga hits your nose as soon as you open the box. The Lebo wings are Lebanese inspired wings, couldn’t quite put my finger on what the flavours were but they were scrumptious! The smells emanating from the succulent wings had my tummy rumbling. All the wings are marinated in house and everything is freshly made, this was clearly evident in the taste. I was asked which my favourite wings were and honestly, it was really difficult to decide as I loved them all. If I HAD to pick, I’d say Dynamo and Lebo as they were different to the usual wings I’ve had.

The burgers really stood out in terms of flavour. Hubby said he could have easily have eaten another one. The meat was of high quality and cooked to perfection – juicy! The buns were soft. We LOVED the addition of the pineapple in the burger. Hubby doesn’t like pineapples in burgers but he has now been converted. The creamy sauce in the burgers added a lot of flavour too.

The mighty box consisted of rice, doner, chips, chicken wings and boneless chicken. The rice was subtle but when mixed with the doner, it tasted great.

The tiramisu dessert, as you all know by now, I’m a HUGE fan of… it’s velvety, creamy and melts in your mouth.


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