Located in the beautiful island of Maldives – Vibes Bar, We were lucky to visit what is touted as ‘Paradise on earth’ and boy did it not disappoint when it came to food. One of the reasons why we specifically booked this resort – Lilly beach due to serving Halal food all inclusive. Yep everything on this island was Halal except alcohol of course! If you ever visit the Maldives be sure to check as there are many islands that do not cater for halal food.

Vibes Bar, this restaurant was conveniently located next to our lodging place. But it was no doubt the best restaurant in the island. Serving amazing steaks, chicken and fish dishes.

Fish and Chips – What can i say, there is nothing better than indulging on fresh fish and chips after a swim. Fish was crispy on the outside, yet tender on the inside. The mushy peas along with fat chips breaking into the fish with the hint of salt and vinegar – Yum


Chicken Lollipop – These were honestly “Heavenly”. Indo-chinese dish had everything you’d want in wings. Great satay flavour and so satisfying, it was so good we visited vibes just to eat the Chicken lollipop thrice!

5 Star restaurant for a 5 star setting in a 5 star Island!


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